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CJ7 Odometer ornament
CJ7 odometer night light
Maurice | 09, August

It has been a while since I updated my site and added something to it. Today I found the energy

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Linde V-160 Mig welder
Maurice | 26, July

Got a car project? According to all sources on the web a Mig Welder is needed. So I got a

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Nissan Xterra Roof Basket
Maurice | 11, July
The Xterra, a car I really enjoy driving around but the limitations of the roof rack suck at times. While
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Fitting the grill
Jeep Grill – It is finally painted!
Maurice | 28, June
It has been quiet for a while from my side and especially regarding working on the Jeep. I finally got
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Chicago Blues Festival
Maurice | 16, June
I've been living here since 2010 and never thought about going to the blues festival. Well, I did thought about
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Ford 8.8 Axle for the YJ
Maurice | 07, June

Choices, choices and many more! And this was one of them. After debating for a long time what to do

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Chicago French Market
Maurice | 11, May

The French market in Chicago is a place with small produce shops and food places similar to the Milwaukee Market.If

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Garden Of The Gods, Illinois
Maurice | 29, April

No this isn’t the same garden of the Gods that has a name in Colorado. This Garden Of the Gods

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Moo Frites
Moo Frites, Toronto
Maurice | 08, April

Toronto is a fun city to wander around and with the amount of places to eat, I would say that

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